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Hardening agent for purified water


SALINOFIX is an additive for targeted adjustment of the total hardness, to make purified water ideally suited to the offset printing process.

By introducing hardness components on a predefined level it complements water treatment facilities in the printing house for standardising the essential water attributes.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 0.5%
  • Adjusts the total hardness of purified water
  • Reestablishes approximately 140 ppm of calcium carbonate content
  • Leads to enhanced ink-water stability for the offset process
  • Makes purified water less aggressive to metal compounds

Product Profile

Purified water is very aggressive just due to its appetite for ions. By offering just the helpful metal salts in an effective but non disturbing quantity, the print performance of the fountain solution is brought to its maximum level. Runability is also improved in many respects, e.g. prolonged plate lifespan, reduced piling tendency, less prone to misting, fewer deposits on cylinder surfaces and other benefits which have been monitored in practice.

Your Benefits

An enhanced stability of water-in-ink emulsion leading to more consistent print quality and less time consuming disturbance in production. Especially when it comes to heavy ink film on difficult spot colours or small reverse types in high coverage solid areas, the correct water treatment goes along with huge benefits. Most noticeable when printing according to ISO 12647-X standards. A constant hardness makes it much easier to keep dot-gain within a stable tolerance.

Technical Informations

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