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Innovative offset inks

for heatset, newsprint, web and sheet-fed applications

!NKREDIBLE is referring to a production technology for chromatic offset inks, providing vibrant colours and optimum runability and printability characteristics.

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NewV® -
A new generation of UV-inks

from offset, letterpress and flexo printing through to hybrid technology

NewV is the product programme offering the full range of supplies for energy curing applications: inks, varnishes, auxiliaries and dampening additives.

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Gecko® -
Solvent-based liquid inks system

for flexographic or gravure packaging printing

Thanks to its structured formulation method, our modular Gecko system guarantees maximum production reliability and efficiently serves the most diverse of tasks.

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The all-round water-based ink

for a diversity of flexographic printing applications

HYDRO-X is a modular system of concentrates, extenders, coatings, additives, specialities and services covering the better part of aqueous ink applications.

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The high quality aqueous coating

for appealing effects, first class finishing and protection

ACRYLAC covers common coating applications with its standard product line and offers more with the Special series. Our customers don't settle for less.

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Fountain Solution Concentrates -
Press chemicals from specialists

for all offset printing applications involving water

Without a doubt, the package of press chemicals and ink decides about the performance on press. Web, news and sheetfed printing - find all products we offer.

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Speciality Offset Inks -
A basket full of perfect solutions

for offset printing beyond commercial 4-colour process

A group of products serving special requirements, like for the waterless printing process or tin printing, for low odour applications, spot colour inks or many more.

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Amazing overprint varnishes

for protection and finishing effects in offset printing

PRINTLAC is the renown system for those who don't have a coating unit available. The series' special composition facilitates minimised yellowing.

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Shiny metallic inks with class

an assortment for many applications and requirements

ALCHEMY is based on the experience of two specialists: The vehicle system from hubergroup and the metallic pigment from Eckart, both warranting for highest quality.