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NewV maxX

UV ink system for universal offset printing


This universal UV offset ink for use on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces offers fast cure speed combined with good rub resistance and optimum adhesion.

NewV maxX is ideally suited to secondary packaging for the food and cosmetics sectors, spirits packaging, lenticular displays, labels, bank and plastic cards and other print products.

Special Properties

  • Very good adhesion on non-absorbent substrates
  • Low-odour formulation
  • High colour intensity
  • Fast, immediate curing
  • High fount solution tolerance
  • Quick adjustment of the ink/water balance
  • Good rub resistance
  • ITX-free formula
  • Suitable for hotfoil stamping and lamination

Printing Processes

  • UV Sheet-fed offset
  • UV Web offset
  • UV Narrow web
  • UV Letterpress

Suited Substrates

  • Coated and uncoated papers and card stocks
  • Top-coated grades of board*
  • Conditionally for pretreated PE,PVC and PP
    ​(corona or gas flame)* or preprimed material*
  • Aluminium-vaporised paper and board*
  • Aluminium foils*

    ​* pretesting is highly recommended
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NewV lac

These UV coatings for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates are available for various finishing intentions: from pearlescent or matt/gloss effects, to a plain and simple protective mission.

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NewV poly

This UV offset ink is designed for use on non-absorbent substrates, providing optimum adhesion.

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NewV fix

UV fountain solution additives are designed for use with UV curing offset ink systems.